A Blessed Fountain in Morotai Island, Air Kaca - Indonesia

Morotai Island is both beautiful and historical. It is situated in the north part of Maluku, Indonesia. There is a unique attraction called Air Kaca. The location is in Wamama. Not many people know how importance it was. Air Kaca was actually a fountain. The name means “the glassy water”. It is true the water was quite clear back then. Unfortunately, it isn’t anymore. This fountain is located near to Daruba and Lapangan Pitu. Thus, tourists are able to visit these three vacation destinations one at a time easily.

About Air Kaca
Air Kaca is actually an underground river. It had crystal clear water during the World War II. In the past, the United States soldiers used to visit it for drinks, bathing, and relaxing. Even Mac Arthur General also chose it as his favorite spot to relax. According to history, Mac Arthur also used the fountain to foresee the result of the war. Today, people in Morotai Island believe that Air Kaca possess a mystical essence. No wonder, many of them come here and look for blesses.

This underground river flows to the nearby beach, which is situated 100 meters away. Apart from its historical value, tourists come here due to its eerie atmosphere. They would hear an urban story from villagers. It is said that there are a ghostly man and woman here. Both of them are the guardians of Air Kaca. There is also a unique local belief. It is said the water of Air Kaca can heal diseases. Therefore, many tourists are attracted to visit Air Kaca these days.

Air Kaca is situated in the midst of the wilderness. That means tourists may expect several trees near to this location. One thing, the fountain seems spooky and old. It’s because the government hasn’t given much attention to it. Despite these things, local people consider Air Kaca as a blessed fountain. Not to mention it has a historical value. More tourists are attracted to it. They want to witness the source of water used during the WWII. It will be a worthy vacation, for sure.

Tips to Go to Air Kaca
Tourists should know how unfriendly nature is. It is better to watch their steps. The path can be slippery and wet. Not to mention it takes a little bit walk to reach the fountain. No worries. It is an opportunity for trekking. A good stamina and comfortable shoes are basic requirements. Due to the unpredictable path, they may be walking wrong. A good balance would be a big help for sure. Visitors should adapt to the conditions of the trek.

How to Get There
In order to reach Air Kaca Morotai of Indonesia, tourists should go to Wamama. It is accessible through Daruba city. In fact, it only takes 5 minutes of driving. An ojek is also a good choice. Once they reach Wamama, they may find a nameplate of such tourist spot. From this location, they need to walk for about 45 meters. There is no need to hire a local guide. It’s is easy to find this blessed fountain of Morotai. In fact, it is also near to another famous historical site like Landasan Pitu.

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