How To Get There

Nowadays is more easy to get into Morotai Island, there are three ways to get it, i.e. by land, air and sea lanes. Third in this way has a different travel time respectively.

By air, you first take flight boarded the plane to Ternate. If you came from Jakarta, you can take flight from Jakarta to Ternate (sometimes it involves transit in Makassar) or via Jakarta-Manado. There are air transit first in Manado, or directly take flight to Sultan Babullah, Ternate. Travel time from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Sam Ratulangi Airport in Manado takes nearly four hours, and then followed a 40 minutes journey to Ternate. Actually, you can proceed to use air lines again. But only Susi Air which has routes to Morotai Island only every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

However, tourists can still use the sea route if heading Morotai. KM Geovani, the ship from Ahmad Yani port, from Daruba to Ternate are every Thursday and Saturday. For KM Queen Mary from Daruba to Ternate are every Wednesday and Friday. Ternate usually departs approximately at 20:00 pm WITA and arrived at Imam Lastori port, South Morotai approximately 06.00 pm WITA. There are also access to ships from Bitung and Manado to Morotai.

Whereas by land, from Ternate to Sofifi you can continue the journey by car to Tobelo. Then continued drive to Morotai. The total time taken is usually about four hours.

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