McArthur Island in Morotai and the Story behind It

In the west part of Indonesia, there is a small island. The name is Morotai. Actually, it belongs to the Maluku Islands. Not to mention Morotai has nearby islands. All of them have attracted many visitors recently. For instance, there is Zum Zum Island. The other name is McArthur Island. As the name suggests, there was an ally's general named Douglas Mac Arthur here. He lived and hid in this island during the WWII. No wonder, tourists come here due to such history.

The Condition in MacArthur Island
MacArthur Island has a shabby and unspoiled atmosphere. There are no many people around. One of the charms of this island is the statue of General Mac Arthur. This famous landmark faces directly to the Daruba Island. There is also an old airbase. It was built by Mac Arthur. Today, tourists also often visit this interesting place. The length of the airstrip is about 3,000 meters. Some parts of the base remain useful. The rest of it is abandoned, though.

As mentioned earlier, the name of the island is Zum Zum. Since the story of Douglas Mac Arthur is quite dominant, it has another name which is MacArthur Island. Most of the visitors come here to take some pictures in front of the statue. There’s an old well near to this statue. It allows tourists to enjoy the freshwater during a hot day. If they go to the Zum Zum beach shoreline, they can find an old helipad. It is located near to the sea water.

Many Tourist Attractions Available
The statue of Douglas Mac Arthur has the height of 20 meters. There is also a message crafted on it. It says “I shall return”. So, is it all about this man? Zum Zum Island offers other interesting places to visit. For example, there is a coral cave. The mouth of the cave is quite small. It is covered by mangroves. Tourists need to crawl in to reach inside the cave. Actually, the cave has a vast space within. Another attraction of the island is the wreck of ally’s barge.

Who comes to Mac Arthur Island? Most of the tourists are historians and World War II veterans. Some experts also come here for some projects. For tourists, Zum Zum Island is a good gateway. They are able to relax. There’s the “crystal water”. It is actually a bathing place. It also acts as a well. Not to mention visitors can learn a history of an ally’s great general. What’s more? Local government also provides sea transportation for visitors. That means tourists can explore other islands easily.

How to Get There
The first destination is definitely the Morotai Island. Local tourists can come by air. There’s Sultan Babullah Ternate Airport. Once they reach the island, their next destination is Zum Zum Island. It is located in the west part of Morotai. Tourists can reach the island by riding a speed boat from Daruba harbor. Approximately, it takes 15 minutes of sea trip. The journey won’t be boring. The sea is quite peaceful and the breeze of the wind is soothing.

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