Exploring the Nautical Beauty of Mitita Island in Morotai

A vacation to Morotai Island is everyone’s dream. It is a small island in North Maluku. Also, there are some neighbor islands like Mitita. Not all people recognize how beautiful Mitita Island is. It offers beautiful nature and glamorous beaches. This island is famous for its nautical beauty. There are many species of fishes like Manta Rays, Sharks, and much more. Mitita lies in the south part of Morotai Island. Not only it has beautiful marine life, but it also becomes a great place to enjoy some relaxing activities. These include bird watching, diving, and snorkeling.

Exploring the Exquisiteness of Mitita Island
The island has a solemn ambiance. Thus, it is quite relaxing for tourists. It doesn’t have to be water sports. Visitors can enjoy the warm sunshine on the small dock or the beach. Mitita Island is also famous for its nautical lives. This island is the home of sharks. However, they are only visible in the deep water. For tourists, snorkeling is the best option. The shallow and clear water are quite charming. Local people provide snorkeling gears for visitors. No worries. The price is relatively cheap.

Mitita also has a beautiful beach with white sand. Still, the best attraction is the marine life. There are many fishes and corals. Both small and big fishes live here. Divers can even find majestic Manta Rays in some diving spots. For beginners, it is better to avoid deep diving. It is a little bit dangerous. Instead, they can try snorkeling or scuba diving. It is safer and more recreational. Some instructors are ready for them. That means it will be a harmless activity.

Diving Safety
What visitors need is the information about diving spots. There are many spots for both snorkeling and diving. They can ask for info from local people. Usually, tourist agents provide detailed lists of diving spots to their clients. Safety comes first. Both beginners and experienced divers should never overlook the instruction. The beauty of Mitita Island can fool everyone. It is better to be safe. Snorkeling is suitable for beginners. That’s all.

For those who love challenges, deep diving is worth a try. There is an opportunity to see more sea creatures. Not to mention it gives more thrilling experience. The most important thing is the gear. It should fit them well. Skills and experience do matter. It determines how safe the diving is. If necessary, they need to dive with some certified divers. This increases the fun and safety. On top of that, they must be in a good condition for diving.

How to Get There
As mentioned earlier, Mitita Island is located in the south part of Morotai. That means tourists should conduct a sea trip to reach Mitita. A speedboat is the most common option. It takes about 30 minutes. During the trip, they can witness the beautiful sea scenery. The nearest village is Akelamo Kao. The best time to visit Mitita is between May and August. There is a few of rain so it will be a perfect vacation. The beauty of Mitita will hypnotize everyone.

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