Visiting Ngelengele Island in Morotai – the Fish Cultivation

Morotai Island is a worthy tourist destination. No one can deny its beauty. Just because it is a small island, doesn’t mean it is dreary. Morotai is the part of North Maluku Province. There are other small islands near to Morotai. All of them are worth to visit. For example, there is Ngelengele Island. Most of the local people in Ngelengle are fishermen. They have an interesting way of life. This attracts both local and foreign tourists. Moreover, Ngelengele is famous for its pearls and fishes cultivation.

Some Attractions at Ngelengele Island
There are actually Ngelengele Kecil and Ngelengele Besar Island. There is not much difference between them. Both of the islands are inhabited by local fishermen. In the shorelines, there are some floating barrels. These are the places to cultivate fishes, mainly groupers. This becomes one of the best attractions of Ngelengele. Many tourists want to learn about fisheries so they come to see such unique cultivation. Local fishermen use a traditional method to cultivate the fishes. They even teach tourists regarding how to choose the right fingerlings.

Apart from fish cultivation, Ngelengele is also known for its cultured pearls. In fact, it has become a promising industry. The investors develop it into an international business. Many countries are attracted to these beautiful items. Local people also use those pearls for accessories. These include pearls necklace, rings, and bracelets. Here’s the good news. Visitors are able to buy local pearls in Ngelengele. If they buy from local fishermen, they can get cheaper prices than those of the market. Ngelengele pearls are a perfect gift for families, friends, and lovers.

The next attraction is the beach. Ngelengele Island has soft-textured beach sand. The color is white. Not to mention it is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. The beach is suitable for a family vacation. It is also good for a casual honeymoon. Tourists can simply enjoy a relaxing experience on the beach. Playing sport waters is also a good idea. Kids can play in the shallow water. It is quite safe. The waves aren’t dangerous. Swimming is a common tourist activity here.

How to Get There
Ngelengele Island is situated near to Daruba city. You can reach it using a speedboat. Usually, the boats leave at 9 in the morning. Make sure that you have prepared beforehand. The sea trip takes about 30 minutes. It is for a trip to small Ngelengele Island. As for the big Ngelengele Island, it takes much longer than that. Don’t forget to bring bottled water. The weather can be quite hot in summer season.

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