A Wonderful Wreck Diving Experience in Morotai Island

Morotai Island lies in the east part of Indonesia. It belongs to North Maluku province. Since Morotai consists of many small islets, there are numerous water sports to do. For instance, there is wreck diving. It is a type of diving where divers explore shipwrecks or other types of ruins. This recreational diving activity becomes more popular these days. Morotai Island was the base of allies during World War II. There are many war ruins around the island. Some of them are buried on the sea floor.

An Insight into Morotai Wreck Diving
Wreck diving becomes one of the attractions on Morotai Island. There are some wreck diving spots available. For example, there is Lapangan Pante. It is located in Wamama village. It is also the home of an old air base. Some parts of it are abandoned, though. Lapangan Pante has the depth of 16-40 meters. Divers can witness some war ruins like jeeps, trucks, tanks, war airplanes, etc. Tourists can enjoy a unique dive experience here. The view is majestic and it is covered by mystery.

A wreck diving in Morotai Island is famous among tourists. It is both challenging and fun. Some fishes live in those wrecks. It is inappropriate for beginners, though. The wrecks are mostly fragile. It can be dangerous for inexperienced divers. That means it takes both proper equipment and diving skills. Fortunately, some local people are ready to help. They will guide tourists to enjoy this activity in a safe manner. They also give a guideline for wreck divers. With a proper guide, a wreck diving in Morotai becomes an unforgettable experience.

Wreck diving is beneficial for both tourists and local government. Morotai Island can take advantage of visitors’ money. Tourists may spend lots of money to enjoy such challenging water sports. Not to mention they need to spend some money on accommodations, local transportation, and meals in Morotai. Today, many wreck diving spots have been maintained well for supporting tourists’ satisfaction. Everyone can enjoy it.

Safety Tips for Tourists
Almost all tourists are attracted to the ruins of WWII. Morotai Island offers many of wreckages beneath the sea. Wreck diving is the only way to see those ruins. It should be done right. The divers should follow instructors’ guide. They need to know both the starting and ending point. The sea current can be unpredictable so they need to be prepared. There is an opportunity to take pictures of the wrecks. They must not waste this chance. An instructor will accompany them for a safe diving experience. Also, a good camera is needed.

How to Get There
Wamama village is easy to reach. It takes 15 minutes of driving from the main city. Tourists can ride either a motorcycle or a car. It is faster by a car, though. The village is covered by beautiful landscape. The most famous tourist spot is Lapangan Pante. It is situated near to the village. It is the right spot for wreck diving. If necessary, tourists can rent a tour guide. The expert will help them get around the village, too.

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