Surf like a Pro in Tanjung Sopi, Morotai Island

Most of the people recognize Morotai Island as the best spot for water sports. Well, they aren’t wrong. The island has numerous tourist destinations. Tanjung Sopi isn’t an exception. As the name suggests, it is located in Sopi village. It has a challenging and beautiful beach. The waves are quite strong so it is suitable for professional surfers. In fact, Tanjung Sopi is considered one of the best surfing spots in Indonesia. Local government keeps improving tourist facilities in this village. Hopefully, it becomes the nation's pride.

Experiencing the Best Waves
As mentioned earlier, Tanjung Sopi is all about surfing. Both local and foreign tourists come to Sopi village. They have one thing in common, which is to beat the waves! The Sopi coast is situated in the north part of the village. It fits both beginners (with guides) and pros. Though, surfing alone isn’t recommended. Beginners shouldn’t be too confident as the waves can be unpredictable. Sopi village doesn’t have many options of accommodations. As for an alternative, tourists can stay at villagers’ house.

It is true tourists need to spend much time and effort to reach Tanjung Sopi. Though, the village is worth to visit. In fact, more foreigners visit it every year. Their goal is the same. They want to experience the strength of Tanjung Sopi’s waves. Some surfers say it is similar to that of East Java’s G-Land and Sumatran’s Mentawai. The wildness of the waves becomes the main attraction for tourists. In fact, the government conducted an international surfing competition back then.

It is wise to say Tanjung Sopi’s waves are equal to other surfing spots like Nias, Bali, Morja, Mentawai, and East Java. The best time to surf is between November-March. Visitors can expect more surfers in such season. It isn’t recommended to visit Sopi village in March-May. It’s because the waves aren’t quite good. Another thing is the warmth of the locals. Villagers are approachable and they are responsive.

Tips to Surf
As mentioned before, Tanjung Sopi’s waves are strong and unpredictable. Beginners shouldn’t surf by themselves. They should get guidance from an experienced surfer first. It is a basic requirement. A careless act only leads to fatal injuries and even death. For beginners, a big surfboard is a must. It helps them develop better grip. Not to mention it helps them deal with big waves better. It is quite rare to find beginners nearby. Only professional surfers have the guts to jump in the water. They have both experience and skills, after all.

How to Get There
There is no road to reach Tanjung Sopi. The only way is through the sea. Tourists can reach Sopi village from Daruba. A speedboat is a common transportation. Usually, it takes up to 6 hours. It depends on the sea condition, though. During terrible waves and weather, no one even dares to cross the sea. Tourists must learn the best time to visit Tanjung Sopi. Otherwise, it only leads to disappointments. A speedboat departs in a scheduled manner. It is usually once a week.

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