Meet the Fishermen Society at Kolorai Island, Morotai

Morotai Island is situated in north Halmahera. It was a small kingdom. Even though it has many beautiful attractions, only a few of people recognize it. Tourists can explore numerous islands in Morotai. For instance, there is Kolorai Island. It is famous for its beaches. Most of the local people live as a fisherman. That means visitors can meet the fishermen society in Kolorai. It is located near to Dodola Island. Both the islands are a perfect pair. Tourists should visit them all. So, what are the other attractions in Kolorai?

Travel around the Island
As mentioned earlier, Kolorai Island is the center of fishermen society. Visitors can expect to meet some fisherman villages in Kolorai. No wonder, there are some local food stands near to the beaches. The most famous menu is definitely seafood. The next attraction is water sport. Since Kolorai Island has some beautiful beaches, it is perfect for diving and snorkeling. There are some recommended diving spots nearby. A local tour guide will help tourists to reach those locations. In fact, they don’t charge too much.

Today, Kolorai has become a tourism center in South Morotai. The village becomes a tourist point. Sometimes, local people conduct a Kolorai festival. People in this village will gather and perform some fun activities. These include fun games, art competition, and sports competition. The aim is to retain the local heritage and culture. Not to mention tourists can join it. They can learn how to make Susiru, Kabilano, and Tikar Adat. There is also an opportunity to learn how to cook local seafood.

Things to do in Kolorai Island
Kolorai Island is also famous for its solemn atmosphere. It is a nice spot to enjoy the breeze of the wind at sea. There are some fishermen around. Some fishermen boats lie in the shorelines. It is indeed worthy scenery. On top of that, the sea water is crystal clear and the sand is white. It is a piece of paradise. Some parts of the beaches are shallow. They are great locations for snorkeling. Some local kids often play around the beach. They are reachable and cute.

At the beaches, there are various beautiful corals. There are also many astonishing fishes. It is hard to refuse the urge for snorkeling. There is no need to carry snorkeling gears. Some locals provide these items to visitors. Though, they charge some money. They may tell the best spots for snorkeling. This way, tourists can safely enjoy such activity. At the evening, they can gather to a local food stand. It is time to enjoy grilled fishes and other seafood.

How to Get There
Kolorai Island is situated in the south part of Daruba. That means tourists can reach this island from Daruba harbor. The sea trip takes less than 2 hours. The best transport unit will be a speed boat. The cost varies and it depends on seasons. What about the topography? Kolorai Island has a simple topography. The beaches are covered by white sand and the lands are surrounded by trees and vegetations. The best time to visit Kolorai is during summer.

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