Water Sports for a Family Vacation in Dodola Island, Morotai - Indonesia

In the west part of Indonesia archipelago, there is Morotai Island. It is situated in North Maluku. The main island is surrounded by several tiny isles. One of them is Dodola Island. Many people come here for water sports. The beaches are perfect for numerous types of activities. These include diving, swimming, fishing, and relaxing. There is also a Jet Ski rent. The sea water is clear and the views are jaw dropping. In a nutshell, Dodola fits a family vacation gateway.

The Beauty of Dodola Island
It is wise to call Dodola as a small paradise. It has mesmerizing beaches and nature. No wonder, it becomes one of the icons of Morotai Island, Indonesia. The beaches are surrounded by white sand and calming atmosphere. As mentioned earlier, Dodola Island is perfect for water sports and beach-related activities. It is also suitable for sunbathing and relaxing. Not only the island attracts families and group tourists, but it also lures some backpackers. All of them can enjoy the beauty of this unspoiled.

Just because Dodola is a small island, doesn’t mean it has disappointing accommodations. There are some cottages and hotels nearby. The price varies. It is better to visit Dodola during working days. There are fewer visitors so the accommodation prices are cheaper. Apart from hotels and lodges, there are also some small villas. This type of accommodation is popular among naturalists. They can enjoy the beauty of the island while spending a relaxing ambiance at a local villa. There is no better way to spend a vacation than this.

The beaches in Dodola Island are quite majestic. The shorelines are absorbing. During the low tide, some seaweed and coral reefs are visible. During the high tide, this area becomes separated into two islands. It makes two islands of Dodola. Such uniqueness attracts more visitors over time. Since the beach offers fantastic and calming panorama, tourists can simply enjoy good times in the shorelines. For those with adventurous spirits, there are many water sports to try. Snorkeling and fishing are the most popular ones.

How to Get There
Dodola Island is the part of Morotai Archipelago, Indonesia. Tourists can reach it by air from Jakarta. The first destination is Ternate. It takes about 4 hours. This includes a transit flight to Manado. From Ternate, they can continue the journey to Morotai. It can be done by sea transportation. A ferry service is available at 19.00 pm. It is better to take a business class. There are more facilities so tourists can enjoy the sea trip comfortably. The destination is Daruba port. The sea trip takes much time. It is about 12 hours.

Upon the arrival, the next destination is Dodola Island. It takes 30 minutes by either a traditional boat or a speedboat. It is also easy to explore the neighbor islands. Overall, it takes much time and effort to reach Dodola. The thing is it is a worthy vacation. The beauty of Dodola Island Indonesia is incomparable. Not to mention there are many types of water sports to try. No one gets disappointed here.

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