Kokoya – a Nice Spot for Snorkeling in Morotai Island

A long time ago, Morotai Regency used to be a tiny kingdom. The name was the Moro Kingdom. Today, it becomes a nice tourist destination. Morotai is located in North Halmahera. The name derives from the sea near Moro (Moro Lautan). Only a few of tourists recognize the beauty of this island. There are numerous vacation destinations on Morotai Island. One of them is Kokoya Island. It is the most suitable spot for snorkeling. The island offers beautiful white sand and majestic coral reefs.

The Beauty of Marine Life
Since Kokoya Island has beautiful sea nature, tourists would enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling experience here. There are vast coral reefs. The water currents are good, as well. Tourists are able to see many types of fishes and other marine life species. In Kokoya, there is a famous species. The name is Dugong. That means tourists can witness this gorgeous creature while snorkeling. It is very interesting and impressive sight. Not only the island is beautiful, but it also offers a great view of the water.

The sea has the abundant wonder of nature. Apart from the nautical creatures, there are also beautiful reefs. The variety of coral never stops amaze visitors. On top of that, the sea has clear water. It makes snorkeling and diving in Kokoya Island a wonderful experience. No one should overlook it. The thing is everyone can join snorkeling activity. There is no need to be a professional diver to appreciate such underwater world. Snorkeling is simpler than diving. Everyone can do it. The purpose is to have a glimpse of Kokoya’s amazing marine life.

All visitors need is a silicone mask. It helps improve their vision under the water and it keeps out the sea water. Kokoya in Morotai Island is an ideal spot to learn snorkeling. Tourists only need to put a mask on their face, wear fins, and put the air-tube. This way, they are ready to go and enjoy the lust of the sea. Snorkeling is the best way to witness various tropical fishes and numerous coral reefs. For beginners, the shallow reef is the best spot to explore.

Snorkeling Experience in Kokoya, Morotai
The beauty of the coast, white sands, colorful corals, and clear sea water is breathtaking. No one can deny it. It will be everyone’s ecstatic snorkeling experiences. No to mention it is perfectly safe. Snorkeling in Kokoya is both cheap and easy. Tourists can spend hours enjoying the nautical beauties, especially the coral reefs. They can either rent or buy snorkeling gears. One thing, they must ensure the mask, fins, and air tube fit their size.

Local people are friendly and reachable. They may help tourists regarding some issues in Kokoya. Another precaution is the weather. Since Kokoya is a tropical island, tourists should expect hot temperature. There are chances of sunburn. No worries. Sunscreen cream will do the job. It is the best protection for a beach vacation, after all.

How to Get There
So, how they can get to Kokoya Island? It is situated near to Daruba. It takes 3 miles of the trip using a speed boat. It may take longer if they ride a traditional boat, though. The fee is more expensive with a speed boat, but it is the fastest method to reach Kokoya.

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