An Awe-inspiring Vacation in Raja Waterfall, Morotai

Morotai Island never disappoints everyone. It has many beautiful tourist spots. In Raja village, there is a fabulous fall. The name is Raja Waterfall. It becomes the pride of this rural area. There are two parts of the falls. The first one is located near to the village. It has the height of two meters. Another one is taller, which is 7 meters in height. However, it is situated quite far from the Raja village. It is about 17 km. Raja village isn’t only suitable for a waterfall vacation, but it is also perfect for trekking.

Exploring Raja Waterfall
The waterfall is quite lively. It isn’t difficult to reach the waterfall. There was a timber company nearby. However, it has stopped operating. Local people often visit Raja Waterfall for washing clothes. It is a rural area, after all. That means tourists may expect to meet some villagers nearby. There are also some kids. They play near to water spiritedly and look for some fishes. The environment is quite calm and refreshing. The sound of the current and the breeze of the wind are great extras.

Most of the time, the environment can be quite chilly. It is better to wear proper clothes while trekking here. Once tourists reach the waterfall, they can see the beauty of panorama. It is appealing. Visitors can relax and feel solemn of nature. They can even find some seats nearby. Local people built these for visitors. The waterfall is suitable for both a family vacation and adventure. Some trekkers also often come here. They want to explore the undamaged nature near to the waterfall.

Raja Waterfall isn’t quite tall. Though, it is as beautiful as others. For those with more curiosity, there is a taller waterfall nearby. Not many tourists like this idea as they need to conduct a tiring trekking. The distance is about 15 km! They consider Raja Waterfall is satisfying enough. In the waterfall point, there is a natural pool. It is safe so they can swim here. Both kids and adults would love it. The water is clear and fresh. It is a perfect spot for a family vacation.

What to Prepare
It is wise to prepare everything. It is because Raja village doesn’t have ample tourist facilities. The most important things are foods and drinks. The trip can be quite tiring. Tourists must carry some snacks and drinks. They should be hydrated as it retains their stamina. As for snacks, these help them retain energy. A good stamina is needed, after all. Next, they must know the trail. That means visitors should have some knowledge of where they are heading. In this case, the help of a local guide becomes a good idea.

How to Get There
From Daruba city, it takes 1 about an hour using a motorcycle. In Raja village, there is a right turn. Tourists should follow this path. The road isn’t paved yet. Some local people may tell them how to get to the location. It also requires a trekking. Once they find a river, they need only to follow it. This leads them to a lovely Raja Waterfall.

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