To Surf or not to Surf in Bere Bere Kecil - That’s the Question

Why do many tourists come to tropical islands? It is because they look for some great surf spots. Indonesia archipelago has Morotai Island, Indonesia. It should be in the list of the best surf destinations. In fact, there are different locations for surfing. One of them is Bere Bere Kecil village, Morotai Jaya district, Morotai. Most of the visitors come here for exploring the coach. They also want to learn the local culture. There are some local guesthouses. Though, some tourists prefer to stay in one of the villagers’ house. For them, that is more interesting.

The Attractions in Bare Bare Kecil Village
The best vacation spot is the coast of Bere Bere Kecil, Indonesia. The beach has pure and white sand. Also, the texture of the sand is quite soft. It won’t be hurtful to go barefoot. The waves are very tempting. No surfers can deny it. Usually, tourists come here between November-December. It is the best time for surfing. The waves are great and the temperature is nice. The thing is Bare Bare Kecil coast is suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous for first timers.

Surfing is definitely the prime attraction in Bere Bere Kecil, Indonesia. However, it isn’t the only tourist activity. The beach itself is quite beautiful. It is perfect for relaxing and taking pictures. There are some unique traditional boats nearby. The name is Katingting. Actually, it is a specialty boat of North Halmahera, Indonesia. The boat is able to carry up to 8 people. It is also possible to ride the boat and explore the beach. Visitors only need to approach some local fishermen so they can tag along with them.

Another attraction is the local people of Bere Bere Kecil. The village is the home of Galela tribe. The villagers are friendlier than those of the city. In the village, tourists can witness some local traditions, especially the Denge-Denge dance. It is big opportunity to watch this traditional dance directly. Nothing is better than this. Bare Bare Kecil village only has about 360 people. Most of them are copra farmers and fishermen. They also rent out their spaces to visitors.

Things to Consider before Surfing
Regardless of the experience, surfers need to pay attention to the safety standard. Stretching is a must prior to getting into the water. Next, it is about the equipment. It is better to bring their surfboard and other equipment. Villagers aren’t likely to provide it for them. If so, the boards often come in bad conditions. Also, they need to look for a local instructor. This person may give some tips and information regarding the best spot to surf.

How to Get There
Bere Bere Kecil is actually a secluded village. It is located in Morotai Jaya district, Morotai Indonesia. Tourists need to go to the north part of Morotai Island. The village is situated in the east part of the Morotai Jaya District. It can be reached by a local or public transportation. The best medium is a rented car. It is both comfortable and fast. The trip takes about 30 minutes - 1 hour from Morotai Jaya.

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