Throwing Away the Stresses at Tabailenge Island, Morotai

There are many reasons to visit Morotai Island. It is a beautiful island, after all. The island is located in the north Halmahera, Maluku. This possesses the main island and many smaller islands. For instances, there is Tabailenge Island. Most tourists come here for relaxing. They also want to find peace during a holiday in such island. The location is near to Bere Bere village. It is in the east part of Morotai Island. Tabailenge owns a distinct beauty. It comes with white sandy shorelines. The beauty of the beach is mesmerizing.

About the Island
The sea water is green and blue. The beach is tranquil and unharmed. Actually, Tabailenge is quite small. There is a small forest in the middle of the island. Some tourists would love to explore it. When it comes to the shorelines, it has white and soft sand. Tourist can play around here. They can even lie down and enjoy the ambiance of the island. The sky is absorbing and the weather is nice. All of these qualities will eradicate both burdens and stresses of the visitors.

Things to Do in Tabailenge Island
Most of the visitors want to enjoy a serene atmosphere of Tabailenge Island. They simply relax near to the shorelines. It is a good method to relieve their stress. The other visitors prefer to get into the water. They want to swim and enjoy the warm sea water. Snorkeling is also possible. It is the simplest way to enjoy the underwater beauty. Though, they should have prepared the equipment beforehand. It’s because the island is unpopulated. Not to mention there are no tourist facilities. That means the island offers the wilderness and real nature. It is a perfect place to escape from daily routines.

Next, tourists can explore the island and its beauty. Tabailenge is a good medium for photography. Visitors can even use any types of camera. It doesn’t really matter. Even kids can take pictures of whatever they want. The best objects would be the shorelines, the sky, the forest, sea shells, sand castle, and much more. A family picture with the sea background is considered a good idea. The island can be a part of happy memories. No one needs to be a photographer in order to take beautiful pictures here.

Kids would love to collect some sea shells. They can make a necklace using such materials. In this case, small shells are required. Also, they must have prepared dental floss. The best shells are those with a tiny hole. If not, tourists should drill holes in them. The necklace will be an unforgettable accessory for them. It may remind them of an amazing holiday in Tabailenge Island.

How to Get There
As mentioned before, Tabailenge is located near to Bere Bere Island. It takes about 15-20 minutes. A speedboat is the best transportation to reach the island. Though, there are also some local boats. Villagers are likely to help tourists to cross the sea. The voyage will be quite satisfying. The breeze of the wind makes it more comfortable. Moreover, the waves are quite calm. It is a safe and comfortable.

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